What is Wonderarium?

This site-specific proposal by Oakland artists Sarah Filley and Yvette Molina was conceived in 2009 to enchant, and reinvigorate our romance with nature at the heart of “Oakland’s urban jewel”: Lake Merritt. Developed in collaboration with Architecture and Engineering Firm, Ware Associates, the design includes a clear acrylic sphere (eight feet in diameter) mounted on an elegant tri-foot floatation apparatus. The sphere will house a diverse selection of living plants. In the evening it will be illuminated from within by LED lighting. 

Rendering by Ware Associates of Wonderarium in the proposed location on Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.

Perspective by Ware Associates

Elevation by Ware Associates

Proof of Concept with 24” Terrarium, 2010

LED lighting donated by ElementaLED, Emeryville, California

A day at Lake Merritt in May, 2010. Getting feedback from the community.

For more information about this project: http://wonderarium.posterous.com/